Home and puppy visits

Some dogs are not able to join in the fun at day care and are better suited to a visit from us in your own home.

This maybe because you have a puppy who is too young or your dog is happier with home comforts. These dogs still enjoy company and a visit from a Four Paws team member during the working week can break up their day while you are out. We can take them out to relieve themselves, play a game, feed, brush and make a fuss of your pooch, leaving them happy to have seen a friendly face. 

We are able to hold keys for your property and even act as a back up service if you lose yours!

Call us today for a home or puppy visit quote (based on your location and the length of visit required).

Please note we will not visit a dog who is intended to be left alone, overnight in your home. We believe this is too long for a dog to be unaided and prefer to recommend local kenneling facilities.