Doggie Day Care

Our specially designed doggie day care centre in Northwich, Cheshire offers a secure, enclosed, recreational area allowing your dog to run and play freely with their own kind

The environment is fully secure providing the exercise and canine interaction your dogs so desperately desire.

The centre has been specifically designed to provide a caring and healthy environment for your cherished pet. With several different areas to keep your dog mentally stimulated and lots of toys to keep them entertained, Four Paws doggie daycare is dog heaven!

This unique environment allows dogs to interact as part of a pack.  This is great for allowing young dogs to socialise and learn good manners but also allows mature dogs to follow their instincts and play in a social group.  Each day at Four Paws is different offering all dogs the choice to join in agility games, paddling pool  fun, sand digging or even tug of war!

Like any creature (human or animal) dogs need to rest and relax after playful exercise which is why here at Four Paws we provide a variety of beds for your pet to relax and wind down on. The choice is theirs so each dog can play and relax at a pace to suit them.