Why choose Doggie Day Care?

Due to our ever evolving lifestyle and social activities, more and more of us find ourselves in positions where we have to leave our cherished pets home alone.

Four Paws are here to help with our unique Doggie Day Care Centre in Northwich, Cheshire. We provide peace of mind that your pets are being mentally and physically exercised during the day, whether it be while you’re at work or enjoying the occasional day out. This can prevent mess in your home but also gives your dog interaction with their own kind thus allowing your dog to be a dog!

We know that you love spending time walking your dog but sometimes time constraints during the working week make it difficult for your dog to get the attention, training, exercise and mental stimulation necessary to keep them happy and content. Often dogs that are left alone for long periods or deprived of exercise and social interaction become lethargic or destructive.

Here at Four Paws we take the time to get to know you and your dog well so their day can be structured around your needs. He likes a nap in the morning? No problem. He wants to play with a ball all day? No problem. He likes lunch at a certain time? No problem.  Our friendly and approachable team are happy to help with any requests.